Rangers pull Lundqvist heading into third period


The New York Rangers decided to change goalies in the third period of Game 6, pulling Henrik Lundqvist in favor of Cam Talbot.

It’s been a rough night for Lundqvist and the Rangers, as he allowed four goals on 23 shots. That being said, the logic behind the swap may revolve as much around Game 7 coming on Wednesday as it does the 32-year-old’s performance.

Plenty are bashing Lundqvist, yet there are those who believe it’s been a team (lack of) effort:

Either way, the Rangers eyeball a huge mountain to climb if they want to get back into this game. If not, Lundqvist is almost certain to be the starter tomorrow, so the Swedish star and his team would need to recover from this disappoint in little time.

(Again, assuming that the Flyers hold on.)