Ruff invites anyone who dares to fight Jamie Benn


Dallas Stars coach Lindy Ruff offered a lengthy and overwhelming positive assessment of captain Jamie Benn, but he didn’t just focus on what the 34-goal scorer can do with the puck.

“I’d invite any one of those guys to scrap him and see how they make out, because he’s tough and I’ve seen him go,” Ruff said, per the Dallas Morning News.

“So if they want to push him past the edge, bring it on, because he’s the type of guy who will back any one of his teammates and back himself. And it’s a real back-up, it isn’t a tuck, drop and roll.

“You’ll come out bloodied. The two fights I’ve seen, both guys have come out bloodied. He doesn’t do it often, he doesn’t do it for show. He does it for himself, and he does it for his teammates.”

Dallas will play against Anaheim in Game 6 tonight and the Stars are one loss away from elimination. Benn, who was speared by Corey Perry earlier in the series, has been credited with nine hits and, more importantly, is tied for the NHL lead with four playoff goals.

The Stars will be counting on him to continue to make big contributions with their backs against the wall. And perhaps that will involve getting into a scrap before the night’s done.