Ducks pull Andersen (again)


A lot can change in the next period (and change), but so far, the narrative indicates that the home team has been dominant in the Anaheim Ducks – Dallas Stars first-round series. That disparity might be best shown in Frederik Andersen’s last few starts.

Andersen stopped 34 out of 36 shots to give the Ducks a 3-2 series lead in Anaheim. That’s a nice performance, but it’s now sandwiched between two games in Dallas in which the rookie goaltender has been pulled.

It happened in Game 4 and now a little more than halfway through Game 6, as a second sensational Trevor Daley goal sent Andersen packing. It’s difficult to argue with Ducks head coach Bruce Boudreau’s decision on Sunday, in particular, as he allowed four goals on just 12 shots.

Trevor Daley’s second goal ultimately was the last straw:

Andersen was able to maintain control of the Ducks’ goalie position after the last time he was pulled, but the question is: if this series goes to a Game 7, would it be Jonas Hiller or Andersen?

There’s plenty of time for the Ducks to make that a discussion for the second round instead of a decisive Game 7, but right now it feels like that could be a serious question.