Marchand was so relieved Boston won, he ‘kissed’ Iginla


It’s funny how a win or loss can change moments when a player “chokes” or becomes a “goat” into something his teammates can merely rib him for.

There are probably people who will treasure Boston Bruins pest Brad Marchand flubbing a few shots on Thursday beyond tonight, but for most, it’s likely a moment in time that will be forgotten. Jarome Iginla’s game-winning goal gave the Bruins the last laugh against the Detroit Red Wings, something that wasn’t lost on Marchand:

Sadly, there’s no photo of evidence of the smooch, so we’ll need to leave that to enterprising Photoshop users. Here’s video of the moments that could have been far, far more embarrassing for Marchand if Boston didn’t win:

Much like Steven Stamkos’ own-goal, it was a mishap that didn’t mean that much in the grand scheme of things.