Frederik Andersen’s key to bouncing back: have a short memory


Unlike the guy (Jonas Hiller) who replaced him late in Game 4, Anaheim Ducks goalie Frederik Andersen isn’t particularly experienced when it comes to playoff hockey, at least at the NHL level. He seems to have the right idea about dealing with it: just move on.

Of course, this assumes that the Ducks will go with Andersen instead of Hiller as the series shifts back to Anaheim for Game 5. (Then again, you don’t want to vividly remember the bad times seated on the bench, either …)

Whether it’s Hiller or Andersen (or, hey, John Gibson), it’s not just the Ducks’ goalies who need to turn things around to keep the Stars from stealing this series after Anaheim won both of the first games.

As Andersen, 24, might say: the team might just want to put it all behind them.