All signs point to Zetterberg playing for Red Wings in Game 4

The signs were pretty strong earlier on Thursday that Henrik Zetterberg would play for the Detroit Red Wings in Game 4, but after warm-ups, it seems almost certain. (This post will be updated if he decides not to very late in the process, though.)

If that doesn’t excite Red Wings fans enough in itself, consider who he’s lining up with:

Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk on the same line with Justin Abdelkader doing the dirty work and opening up space? The Boston Bruins have their hands full in Game 4.

Then again, so does Zetterberg, who may be targeted considering the rather worrisome back issues he must be dealing with. It’s a risk, but this is the playoffs (when players tend to roll the dice in the name of glory).

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