Carcillo unfazed by Philly fans’ response to scoring


If there was one player on the New York Rangers roster Flyers fans could’ve done without seeing score it was Daniel Carcillo.

Yet in Game 4, there he was breaking in on Ray Emery and taking a feed from Brian Boyle to score and all the while stopping to celebrate in the corner to the fans who booed him all night.

Carcillo was booed and given the ole’ double-bird salute by one fan after scoring his first of the playoffs. Was he surprised by the icy response? As Ken Wiebe of the Winnipeg Sun shares, not one bit.

“Nothing surprises me about this city or the way people act,” Carcillo said.

Carcillo spent three seasons with the Flyers from 2008-2011. While he donned the orange and black, he was a fan favorite early on because of his physical style of play and wild personality.

As time wore on and the reckless penalties mounted, however, Carcillo’s charm wore off in Philly and he left for Chicago as a free agent. If anyone’s seen how it is on both sides of the fence in Philly, it’s Carcillo and the fans haven’t forgotten him.