FYI: Hartnell and Voracek have black beards now


From our friends at CSN

Jakub Voracek dyed his beard black earlier this week, and Wednesday night, Scott Hartnell decided to join him.

“He did it yesterday,” Hartnell said. “I couldn’t let him do it alone. After dinner last night, I went to the drugstore and got Just For Men. I don’t know if it will catch on with the team, but I couldn’t let him go alone doing it.”

Should we expect their linemate, Flyers captain Claude Giroux, to join their ranks?

“I haven’t decided yet, but right now it’s a no,” he said. “it’s a tough look.”

CSN Philly’s Sarah Baicker was able to snap a couple shots of Hartnell and Voracek ahead of tonight’s game with the Rangers.


Safe to say they’re not in Brian Wilson territory yet…

source: Getty Images

…but with a deep playoff run, maybe they can approach it.

PS — Voracek’s needs more dye I think.

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