Flyers coach: Akeson needs to ‘be better with his stick’


It’s probably not very fair, but for many casual hockey fans and more than a few devoted ones, Philadelphia Flyers forward Jason Akeson will be known primarily as the guy who took a crippling hi-sticking penalty on Carl Hagelin in Game 1 on Thursday.

Here’s the play in question, which opened the door for the New York Rangers to score two power-play goals on the ensuing double-minor:

After the game, Flyers head coach Craig Berube simply said that Akeson needs to “be better with his stick,” according to ESPN’s Katie Strang.

As ignominious as that mistake might seem, there’s always the possibility that Akeson will bounce back with a redemptive effort in Game 2. Then again, some wonder if he’ll get that chance:

Either way, this is one of those mistakes that has the potential to haunt a player for some time. The Flyers can reduce that discomfort by winning some games, particularly Game 2, however.

Update: At least one outlook is relishing in throwing Akeson under the bus.