Video: Dubinsky, Johnson combine to give Columbus an early lead


The Columbus Blue Jackets have a long way to gain the franchise’s first-ever win, but they accomplished something already in Game 1 against the Pittsburgh Penguins: they gained the team’s first-ever lead in a playoff game.

(Yes, there have been some lean times for Columbus.)

On the bright side, it was a real beauty, as Brandon Dubinsky and Jack Johnson combined for a fantastic goal that has some overly anxious Penguins fans worried already. (Also, more than a few people are throwing Marc-Andre Fleury under the bus, as people are wont to do.)

Note: Jussi Jokinen tied the game up just as this post was about to be published, so Penguins fans can rest easy … and might want to try to take things in stride.

(And then the Blue Jackets got the lead right back. The playoffs are wild, eh?)