Linden denies rumors he’ll be new Canucks president


Former Canucks captain Trevor Linden has refuted rumors that he could return to his former club in an executive capacity, perhaps as president.

The Province newspaper has a transcript of Linden’s interview on Global TV this morning.

“I haven’t (talked to the Canucks about a job),” he said. “I think it’s interesting…when teams struggle, there’s lots of speculation.”

He added: “I’m enjoying running my (fitness) clubs. Our fitness business has been successful, we’re launching a great new concept right now. Enjoying life.”

Whether Linden was being entirely truthful, we’ll know soon enough. But at this point, it remains anyone’s guess what ownership will do. General manager Mike Gillis and head coach John Tortorella could both be fired; they could both be back; or one could be back, the other gone. Without a direct line to the Aquilinis, it’s impossible to cut through all the noise and say definitively what’s going to happen.

We will say this, though — the “Fire Gillis” chants last night didn’t help the GM’s case, and nor did the team’s lackluster performance help the coach’s case.

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