Canucks’ Bieksa admits missing playoffs ‘isn’t a familiar feeling’


The Vancouver Canucks went out quietly as the Anaheim Ducks beat them 3-0 to end any notion of a postseason run, and from the look of post-game quotes, they were pretty subdued after the game.

Maybe it comes down to the team simply not being used to early dismissals, as Kevin Bieksa puts it.

“It’s disappointing,” Bieksa said. “This isn’t a familiar feeling. We’re not very happy with tonight.”

Most of the other comments seemed to be matter of fact statements (John Tortorella’s profound take: “Obviously we didn’t play well enough,”), with the most interesting takeaway being that the Canucks will probably take a long look at younger players including goalie Jacob Markstrom receiving reps.

That’s about the most exciting thing for Canucks fans to consider as the team plays out the string, as Ryan Kesler doesn’t make it sound like it will be good times during this final week.