Video: ‘I would never try and hurt the goalie,’ says Dvorak


Roberto Luongo left Thursday’s game against the Carolina Hurricanes for what George Richards of the Miami Herald reported as precautionary reasons, after the Florida Panthers goalie was run into by Radek Dvorak.

The incident occurred in the first period of the Hurricanes’ 3-0 win over the Panthers. Dvorak was driving hard to the net down the right side, but couldn’t stop in time.

He ran right into Luongo, and was then ejected from the game. Dvorak received a major penalty for charging and a game misconduct.

Dvorak seemed contrite about the incident afterward.

“It was not intentional, I tried to stop,’’ Dvorak said, as per the Miami Herald. “That’s not my game. I would never try and hurt the goalie. I got pushed a little and tried to hold up. I kind of felt bad. I never want to hurt anyone out there. It just happened.’’


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