Laich feels ‘mentally and physically liberated’ after surgery


So it sounds like Brooks Laich’s groin surgery went pretty well.

“I feel like I had chains around my body and now somebody just came and cut them off,” the veteran Capitals forward said today, per CSN Washington. “Now I’m free to move about in any direction at any time I want.”

Laich added: “It’s completely liberating. That’s honestly how I feel — mentally and physically liberated and free to get on with my hockey career and excel in the sport – not just participate.”

Originally, the 30-year-old was expected to miss at least the rest of the regular season, but according to the Washington Post, he’s not willing to rule out a shorter recovery period.

“We take it day-by-day,” he said. “I have my eye on the season, I’m still in hockey mode, but I can’t guarantee anything today.”

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