Luongo to take a ‘break’ from Twitter


Florida goalie Roberto Luongo (a.k.a. @strombone1) is going “to take a little bit of a break” from Twitter after a couple of his tweets during a particularly tough Canucks loss were taken “the wrong way” by some people, including at least one high-collared TV commentator.

In an interview with the Vancouver Sun, Luongo said the three things he tweeted during his old team’s 6-1 loss in Dallas on March 6…

…weren’t meant to be malicious.

“It was mostly making fun of myself and I felt bad for [Canucks goalie Eddie Lack] that game,” he said. “It was nothing about him or his play, I mostly felt bad for him the way the guys were playing in front of him.”

Still, he’s just going to “focus on playing hockey” for now.