County officials balk at Panthers’ requests


The Florida Panthers face a “tough road” in getting all they’ve asked for in a revamped deal with Broward County, according to the Sun Sentinel.

We’ll let you click on the story for all the details, but it basically boils down to this:

A majority of Broward County commissioners support negotiating a new deal with the Panthers, who say they are hemorrhaging money and need a hotel-tax subsidy package worth $80 million or more over the coming 14 years. But the eventual deal will likely hinge on whether the Panthers agree to give more profits generated from the arena back to the county, commissioners said in interviews with the Sun Sentinel.

But how much, if any, the Panthers are willing to negotiate isn’t clear. Until a new deal is reached, or not, expect speculation about the future of the franchise in South Florida.

And by the way, we’re not the ones throwing the relocation possibility out there. This is from the club’s PowerPoint presentation to the county: