GMs to recommend subtle changes to faceoffs


We noted yesterday that three-on-three overtime failed to gain traction at the general managers’ meetings in Florida. Instead, it appears the GMs will recommend to the competition committee that, starting next season, teams switch ends prior to overtime, thus creating longer changes and, theoretically, more scoring opportunities and fewer shootouts.

But that’s not the only recommendation that could emerge from these meetings.

From the Canadian Press:

Faceoffs could look much different, with GMs agreeing to try making centres who violate rules move 12-to-18 inches back instead of being kicked out of the circle.

A second violation would remain a two-minute minor penalty.

Another recommendation on faceoffs involves players on the outside of the circle being separated by roughly one metre instead of right next to each other.

The idea was originally proposed by Doug Armstrong of the St. Louis Blues, and it quickly gained support.

Per, Armstrong said the increased separation of players before faceoffs “allows the quicker player to to get to the puck and generate scoring chances.”

As for the recommendation to move players back on faceoff violations, that’s presumably intended to stop teams from sending wingers into faceoffs to intentionally get kicked out, which typically occurs after icing calls when a team is tired and wants as long a delay as possible to rest.