It doesn’t sound like 3-on-3 overtime is going to be a thing


From’s Dan Rosen at the general managers meetings in Boca Raton:

That would be Red Wings GM Ken Holland who doesn’t think extended overtime (i.e. from five minutes to 10) is a possibility. Holland has been pushing for changes in order to reduce the number of shootouts deciding games.


Through Saturday, 14 percent of games played this season (135 of 963) ended in a shootout, and 40 percent of games that went to overtime reached a shootout. Shootouts were up slightly from last season (13.46 percent in 720 games played), but down from 2011-12 (14.72 percent), the last full NHL season. Since 2005-06, when the shootout was implemented, 13.3 percent of the 10,293 games played ended in a shootout.

Switching ends to create longer changes (and more tired players trapped on the ice) should help decide a few more games in overtime, and perhaps a dry scrape beforehand could, too. But considering the other options that were being considered, the potential changes for next season sound like they’ll be minimal.

Update: Here’s some video of the GMs talking: