Cammalleri gives Calgary seven-team no-trade list


With a deadline deal all but certain, Mike Cammalleri has given Calgary a list of seven teams he won’t accept a move to, according to the Calgary Sun.

Cammalleri, 31, is in the final of a five-year, $30 million deal that includes a limited NTC (hence the seven-team list). There are expected to be suitors for his services leading up to Wednesday’s deadline, as the former King and Canadien has scored 20 goals five times during his 11-year career, and sits tied for second on the Flames with 14 this season.

As for what interim Calgary GM Brian Burke is hoping to get out of the deal? Here’s more, from the Sun:

If Burke can wrangle up a first-round draft pick for a rental the exercise will have been considered an unmitigated success.

A second-rounder would also suffice, assuming it would come with a young prospect of some sort.

A third-rounder in return would be considered a fail unless the deal also includes a decent prospect.

Cammalleri is widely considered consolation prize No. 3 for teams looking to add a scoring winger. Tomas Vanek and Matt Moulson are Nos. 1 and 2, respectively, so it’s possible Burke may need to wait for those chips to fall before pulling a deal.