Babcock praises Canadian forwards’ commitment to defensive play

From top to bottom, the Canadian forwards are used to being offensive leaders on their respective teams. That hasn’t been the case in Sochi, but so far it’s been fine because Canada’s more defensive style has worked.

“It’s hard to get real good players to be as committed as our group is defensively,” Canada head coach Mike Babcock, per “You know, we haven’t scored, and no one seems to care. It doesn’t matter. They just want to have an opportunity.”

Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, Corey Perry, and Rick Nash can be counted among those that still haven’t scored a goal for the Canadians, but as long as they don’t let that frustrate them and they stick to their gameplan, Canada’s still in a good position.

“I think guys trust that the puck’s going to go in and, if it’s not, they’re going to do the right things away from it,” Crosby told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “You don’t change the way you play. There’s a right way to play the game.”

Babcock added that he thinks ultimately the Canadian offense will pick up as long as they keep creating chances, but with one game left, they are all aware of what they will be judged on — and it won’t be how many goals they scored.

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