Video: Dan Boyle isn’t thrilled with how he’s been portrayed post-concussion


This season has been a struggle for Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle. The 37-year-old rearguard missed extensive time with a concussion, struggled with his play upon returning and later acknowledged he rushed getting back into the lineup.

Now — following an Olympic break many pundits said would be good for him — Boyle’s responding to how he was portrayed in the media following the injury.

Here’s the video. Fast-forward to the 55 second mark.

A quick transcript for those unable to view:

“What can you say about me? Say whatever you want, you guys do anyway. I read the articles that this [Olympic break] is going to be really good for me, how I’ve been struggling all year, so you guys tell me.

“I’m 37 now, it’s not about individual points and I’ve been telling you guys that for years. Statistically, things weren’t really good last month but oddly enough, I think I’ve played pretty well. You guys are going to disagree because, statistically, it was horrible.

“But I do think a break is good for everybody. I did have a rough couple of months after the head injury but hopefully I’ll benefit from the break just like everybody else.”

Boyle had just one goal and three points in 15 games in January, finishing with a minus-4 rating. He’s on pace for just 32 points this season, which would be his lowest total since coming to San Jose in 2008.