Babcock on Canada: ‘No one ever seems to be happy with us’


Canada finished round-robin play undefeated with two wins in regulation and a 2-1 overtime win against Finland on Sunday.

You’d think that would be enough to keep everyone satisfied with how the team is playing, but complaints still arise because the offense isn’t quite all there. Yes, the defense is scoring well, but with guys like Sidney Crosby out there, you expect more from the guys up front.

VIDEO: Canada needs OT to beat Finns

Coach Mike Babcock wonders what that is all about as he told reporters following the win against Finland.

With a team a loaded as Canada is, expectations are understandably high. They’re coming off a gold medal win in 2010 and have, arguably, the deepest offense in the Olympic tournament.

Now that the elimination rounds are coming up, everything is analyzed under an electron microscope to find what’s wrong and what could be better. Instead, Canada just keeps winning despite the seeming bumps in the road. If they have any hiccups in this part of the tournament, however, it could lead to serious disappointment.