Video: Shawn Thornton’s goal leaves Milan Lucic raving


Tuesday’s 6-2 Boston Bruins win inspired some snark/sarcasm from Florida Panthers goalie Tim Thomas, but his former teammates seemed fixated on Shawn Thornton’s backhand goal:

Maybe it was his way of being modest, but Milan Lucic raved about the goal the most:

On the other hand, Tuukka Rask decided not to give Thornton a ton of praise, but he couldn’t fight the urge to provide a one-liner.

“I don’t know if I want to pump his tires too much,” Rask said.

From the look of things, the postgame interviews might have been as exciting (or more enthralling) than Boston’s blowout of Florida itself.

That being said, was it a better watch than the State of the Union?