‘We work hard and we have buy-in,’ says Burke after sending O’Brien to AHL


The Calgary Flames sent veteran defenseman Shane O’Brien to AHL Abbotsford this weekend, and based on general manager Brian Burke’s comments, it’s not hard to figure why.

“There are two important building blocks that Bob (Hartley) has put into place here,” Burke said, per the Calgary Herald. “We work hard. And that’s not just the games people see. There’s a lifestyle he’s implemented here. Practices are longer and harder than they are in most places. Weight room stuff, there’s a lot of that here and some teams don’t do as much. The video sessions, there’s a lot of teaching going on. So, he’s got buy-in from the players. We work hard and we have buy-in. Those are two critical steps if we’re going to get better.”

Given O’Brien’s reputation for, well, let’s just call it enjoying the life, Burke’s remarks came as no surprise.

It’s also worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time Burke has dispatched O’Brien from his team; in 2007, Burke traded O’Brien from the Ducks to the Lightning.