Sun glare delays start of Rangers-Devils at Yankee Stadium


The start of the New York Rangers vs. New Jersey Devils Stadium Series game at Yankee Stadium has been delayed.

The NHL announced the start of the first outdoor game in New York City was being delayed due to safety concerns over the sun. With the sun high and bright in an overcast sky, the glare on the ice is causing visibility issues as well as other worries about the ice.

The game is now slated to start at 1:38 p.m. ET.

The sun has caused problems for previous outdoor games. The 2012 Winter Classic in Philadelphia was delayed for two hours as they waited for the sun to pass over Citizens Bank Park. The issue then was the direct sunlight and 40 degree temperatures that caused the ice to soften in spots.

The temperature in the Bronx is in the mid-20s, but with the sun being as powerful as it is, it can still cause issues with the ice itself and the rink crew has put a tarp on the ice to protect it.