Report: GMs may discuss tweak to points system


Could the NHL be more amenable to tweaking the points system (i.e. three points for a regulation win) than we had thought? An NHL source tells ESPN’s Craig Custance that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if the topic came up in March when general managers get together.

Writes Custance:

While there are no guarantees this is broached at the next GM meeting there’s reason to believe that if it is, there might be more support this time around than there was in 2007 when it was steamrolled out of the room.

For one, there’s growing discontent over how many games are decided in the shootout. That unhappiness has manifested itself in efforts to change overtime, either simply by extending the 4-on-4 session or even introducing 3-on-3 if that doesn’t work. Anything to lessen the impact and frequency of the shootout, something that is essentially viewed as a coin toss that has too large an impact on the standings.

Our gut still tells us a change in the points system is unlikely, at least not for next season, but at least one player is supportive of the idea.

“That’s how it works in Europe,” said Coyotes defenseman Zbynek Michalek. “I think it’s a good idea. It would push teams more to win in regulation instead of maybe sit back in the last five minutes of the game. It’ll make the game more interesting for fans … it would eliminate lots of overtimes and shootouts because teams will really try hard to win games in regulation.”