Bad for Ekblad: Big blueliner tops latest 2014 Draft rankings


If the 2014 NHL Draft happened on Thursday instead of June 27-28 in Philadelphia, TSN’s experts believe that defenseman Aaron Ekblad would be the No. 1 pick.

The midseason poll saw eight of 10 respondents choose him first while the remaining votes placed him second. The only other players to get first place votes were forwards Sam Reinheart and Sam Bennett.

One anonymous scout said that Ekblad isn’t “a superstar by any means” but could become a very good NHL blueliner. TSN’s Craig Button provided this write-up:

When you build a team, you need a solid foundation. Aaron is a pillar defenceman who can play 25 minutes or more and do so in all important situations. His on-ice maturity is exceptional.

Most importantly, you can put together a rhyming scheme together for cellar teams on Twitter and other venues (i.e. “Fail for Nail”). Although, you probably could go with “Scam for Sam” if the rankings shuffle toward draft day …

TSN’s midseason Top 50 list.