Henrik Sedin’s ironman streak is over; Canucks back Torts


Two notes out of Vancouver (that’s right, more Canucks news!)

First, Henrik Sedin’s impressive ironman streak is over. After appearing in 679 straight games, and taking all sorts of punishment along the way, the captain (finger, ribs) won’t play tomorrow in Edmonton. It will be the first time since Feb. 23, 2003, that he won’t be in the lineup. (Though let’s be honest, he was barely in the lineup on April 27, after the Canucks had clinched the Northwest Division title, when he only played 22 seconds to extend the streak.)


No surprise there. Despite what’s been written and said by some in the media, players typically appreciate it when coaches go out of their way to stick up for their guys. And Torts sure went out of his way, didn’t he.

While we’re at it, doesn’t this quote from San Jose’s Joe Thornton perfectly illustrate the disconnect between players and certain non-players (like Pat Sajakagain) when it comes to stuff like what happened Saturday in Vancouver?