Video: Was Matt Moulson’s goal actually a goal?


While he’s been struggling to score a bit lately, it seems that Matt Moulson has silenced some of the critics who believed he couldn’t produce without John Tavares in Buffalo. One place he’s always seemed to be able to find the net is at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre, where he scored for the 10th time in 11 games at that locale:

Moulson’s 15th goal was so quick that some wonder if it was a goal at all. The Globe & Mail’s James Mirtle reports that the Maple Leafs’ brain trust were pouring over replays of the tally.

An overhead replay during NBCSN’s intermission only brought that goal into more question, although from other angles, it seemed like the puck moved the twine:

Yet another segment during tonight’s NBCSN telecast gave pretty compelling evidence that it was a goal, however, so justice seems like it was served. Maybe.

However you feel about it, the goal counted, and was part of a flurry of activity as the two teams traded four goals in about eight minutes of time.