Video: John Scott scores his first goal in four years


Buffalo Sabres forward John Scott is a towering man with a very specific skill set. Scoring goals isn’t a part of it.

Yet he did just that tonight against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The 31-year-old launched a high shot that beat goaltender Jonathan Bernier midway through the first period.

The Sabres’ bench went crazy for what was Scott’s second goal and sixth point in 200 NHL games:

That was his first goal in more than four years and it has to hurt especially badly for the Maple Leafs. Both because the team has been struggling lately and because Scott has been a thorn in the Maple Leafs’ side.

He picked a fight with Leafs star forward Phil Kessel during the preseason and referred to captain Dion Phaneuf as “Princess Phaneuf,” although he later “kinda” regretted those remarks.