‘Headshots are a serious problem,’ says Nash


After suffering a head injury that kept him out of the Rangers’ lineup for over a month, Rick Nash has a message for his NHLPA brethren:

“We’re all in this together.”

Translation: Let’s knock it off with the head shots, like the injury-causing one San Jose’s Brad Stuart gave Nash in early October.

“I understand how it happens,” Nash said, per the New York Post. “The game is so fast, things happen quickly, and I know that I’ve had some hits that have been close calls, but we all have to take responsibility for changing some of the things we do out there.

“I understand that we don’t want to have huge suspensions for plays that are spontaneous and I’m OK with that, but the players as a group and the union have to take more responsibility for stopping these kinds of hits.

“It’s up to the guys to have more respect for each other and our careers.”

Stuart was suspended three games for the hit, costing the veteran blue-liner $55,384.62 in forfeited salary. But that didn’t help Nash get back in the lineup any sooner.

“Headshots are a serious problem in the game. You see them all the time,” said Nash.

“Something has to change.”

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