Thomas tops Luongo again


A lot has changed since Tim Thomas and Roberto Luongo faced off in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, but it seems like a few things stay the same. Luongo keeps joking and Thomas keeps winning … at least against each other, that is.

Thomas’ Florida Panthers nabbed a 3-2 shootout win against Luongo’s Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday.

The two made a November Panthers-Canucks game about as interesting as possible, as Thomas shook off the pairing’s past while Luongo reveled in it.

Thomas, 39, stopped 27 out of 29 shots while Luongo, 34, was plenty impressive in defeat, making 34 out of 36 saves.

It’s probably excessive to say that Thomas gets the last laugh. After all, he’s 4-6-0 and will probably stay home during the 2014 Winter Olympics while Luongo may very well start for Canada in Sochi and plays for a generally competitive (if frustrated) Canucks team.

Still, for one more night, Thomas edged Luongo … even if it wasn’t exactly like “old times.”