Carlyle on Van Riemsdyk’s move to center: ‘I don’t have anybody else’


When you combine injuries to Dave Bolland and Tyler Bozak with Nazem Kadri’s suspension, it’s clear that the Toronto Maple Leafs are in trouble at center. Head coach Randy Carlyle didn’t smokescreen people when asked if that’s why James van Riemsdyk has been moved to the middle.

When asked if JVR should shoulder some blame as the Maple Leafs struggle – including Friday’s 3-1 loss to Buffalo – the natural winger simply said “that’s not for me to decide.”

The numbers don’t look very good so far, as TSN’s Mark Masters points out.

Those are some rough stats, but Masters noted a tidbit that’s probably more telling: tonight marked the first time Toronto took more shots than its opponents since Oct. 5.

Sometimes it’s more comforting for people to scapegoat a single player, though.