Rosehill on Giroux: ‘I’d expect him to start rolling now’


Strange thing happened Saturday: Claude Giroux scored. A goal. Yeah. It finally happened.

It was the first of the season for the talented center, despite this being his 16th game. It counted as the game winner, too, as the Flyers downed the struggling Edmonton Oilers.

Perhaps this will be the slump-buster. His teammates knew how important a goal it was for Giroux, who many believed to be in the running for Canada’s men’s Olympic hockey team.

“It was big,” Flyers forward Jay Rosehill said, as per CSN Philadelphia.

“The bench was really happy, guys were all pumped up, he had a big smile on his face. A guy like him isn’t going to be scoreless very often, and to get one like that, a nice goal like that we needed was big.

“So I’d expect him to start rolling now.”