Leafs return to Boston for first time since Game 7 collapse


Last season was a huge success for the Toronto Maple Leafs. After all, making the playoffs for the first time in seven years is a positive thing.

Then again, blowing a three-goal lead in Game 7 of the first round against the Boston Bruins before losing in overtime made the end of the season feel like a disappointment.

On Saturday night, the Maple Leafs return to Boston with those bad memories lingering for fans but not so much for the players as The Globe and Mail’s David Shoalts shares.

“It’s a new year, two different teams, so realistically none of that stuff comes into play,” Kadri said. “But we’re excited to go back to Boston, we know it’s going to be a challenge and we’re excited about it.

“It was tougher before the season started and waiting all summer and just having to deal with it. But now that the season is started and we’re 15, 16 games into it, I think a lot of guys have forgotten about it. But it’s still in the back of your head.”

The Maple Leafs sit tied atop the Atlantic Division with Tampa Bay going into action Saturday. Boston has had a slightly slower start but sit just three points behind them. With the Leafs coming off a shootout win over the New Jersey Devils on Friday, they’ll look to keep the good times going. Boston would love nothing more than to make them relive their playoff nightmare one more time.