Pascal Dupuis has his own line of Dijon mustard


Courtesy PLB Sports — “your premier source for athlete-endorsed, quality food products” — comes Dupuis Dijon Mustard, the official condiment of Pittsburgh Penguins forward Pascal Dupuis.


“The new and improved Dupuis Dijon is now available,” boasts the website, which makes one wonder what the beta version was lacking. “Pittsburgh Penguins forward Pascal Dupuis’s mustard is back just in time for the playoffs. Get your bottles today!”

Dupuis Dijon opens the door for a number of other Penguins-related foodstuffs. They can either keep going on the alliteration tip — Crosby’s Creme Caramel has a nice ring to it — or play off of players’ reputations, and do something like Marc-Andre Fleury’s Springtime Crumble.