Video: Chicago fan steals Pardy’s helmet after he’s hit through glass


Adam Pardy had a difficult night.

Not only did his Winnipeg Jets lose, but he had his helmet taken by a fan after the defenseman was hit through the glass in the third period of Wednesday’s game against the Chicago Blackhawks at the United Center.

Brandon Bollig caught Pardy with the big hit, dislodging the glass in the corner. As a scrum ensued, Pardy’s helmet was removed from his head by a fan, who put it on his own melon.

“Was it one of the fans? I couldn’t tell. They’re into it. That’s a good thing, I guess,” Pardy said, as per a tweet from Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune.

I don’t know what happened to my stick either. That got lost in the crowd too. A little insult to injury there.”

Not only was Pardy’s helmet taken, but beer dumped on him as well.

“It was tough enough to get put through the glass but then to get a beer thrown on my head, too, was not a good thing,” Pardy said, as per Kuc.

I definitely smelled a little booze for about six minutes.”