Torts on Kassian: ‘Good at times. Crappy at times. But he’s coming.’


Vancouver Canucks forward Zack Kassian is off to a rough start this season. After serving a suspension for a high-sticking incident in the preseason, he has just two goals in nine games this year including one on Monday night against the Washington Capitals.

Canucks coach John Tortorella was asked for his assessment of Kassian’s play and was his usual blunt self as Jim Jamieson of The Province shares.

“Zack Kassian? Good at times. Crappy at times. But he’s coming. He’s coming. He still has to work on his consistency, having the puck, protecting the puck. So he wasn’t too bad,” Tortorella said.

There’s no real beating around the bush on that one.

Kassian has been playing an average of over 12 minutes per game this season so that means he’s got to make the most of his opportunities when he’s out there. Turning the puck over won’t help him endear himself to his new coach, but more goals and hits would do the trick.

On the upside for Kassian, at least Tortorella didn’t give him the full Carl Hagelin treatment.