Kaleta undecided on further appeal


The day after his 10-game suspension was upheld by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, Sabres forward Patrick Kaleta is undecided if he’ll take his appeal to the next (and final) level, according to Buffalo News reporter John Vogl.

Kaleta has six days left to appeal to a neutral discipline arbitrator, whose decision would “be final and binding in all respects and not subject to review,” per the CBA.

If Kaleta does opt to take his argument to a neutral arbitrator, he would be the first player to explore that option under the current CBA.

To read Bettman’s ruling released yesterday, click here.

“Regrettably, Mr. Kaleta stands out for his repeated violations of — and seeming indifference to — the Playing Rules put in place to protect other Players, and, particularly, other Players’ heads,” Bettman wrote. “Specifically, Mr. Kaleta has committed a series of other serious, head-related Playing Rule violations in each of the four most recent prior seasons.”