Photos: Coyotes’ backup Greiss’ mask is nightmare fuel for Yandle


It’s unclear if Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Keith Yandle was joking about the team’s backup Thomas Greiss’ creepy new mask when he gave this assessment to Dave Yest of the team’s Web site Wednesday:

“I lost a little bit of sleep over it,” Yandle said.

Here are the two side views of that creepy mask, which Vest posted a week ago on Twitter:

source: Getty Images

What … is that, exactly? That’s unclear, just don’t look into its eyes for more than a minute.

At least the other side is a little more palatable, as it features Bigfoot/Sasquatch/whatever you’d like to call the mythical beast.*


Judging by Mike Smith’s performance on Tuesday, Coyotes fans might see Greiss, 27, wearing that disturbing mask in net quite a few times this season.

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