Giroux: ‘The confidence is not there’


The Philadelphia Flyers finally won on Tuesday, but their captain Claude Giroux still doesn’t have a point in 2013-14. Some might assume that he’s suffering from the lingering effects of his offseason hand injury, but he told that it’s more mental than physical.

“The confidence is not there,” Giroux said. “I don’t think it’s the hand — the confidence is just not there. I will be fine. A few bad games, you always have a stretch like that during the season. Going day by day. We have a new system today and guys did a good job working it. It’s an ugly win, but we’ll take it.”

Giroux, 25, has taken 10 shots on goal in four games with no results. He’s also set up his fair share of plays, but for many, the bottom line is that he needs to produce.

New Flyers head coach Craig Berube believes Giroux might be forcing it a bit.

“I think he’s fine, he’s healthy,” Berube said. “I think G is trying a little bit too hard, personally. I think he gives everything he’s got out there. Sometimes it is too much. You try too hard and can’t accomplish the things you want to accomplish.”

Plenty of talented players struggle – remember when it took Phil Kessel 11 games to score a goal in 2013? – so Giroux would be best served to put it out of his mind.

That might not be too easy in a demanding market like Philly, though.