Video: Ducks’ Perry scores off of Jets’ Bogosian’s huge whiff


Ultimately, Sunday night was all about Teemu Selanne’s swan song in Winnipeg. At least, Jets defenseman Zach Bogosian has to hope so.

The Anaheim Ducks handed his Jets their first loss of 2013-14, with Corey Perry getting the game-winner off this massive blooper by Bogosian:

(Feel free to add “slipping on banana peel” sound effects to that video, if you’d like.)

To give you an idea of the discomfort, the Jets were going for their first 3-0-0 start … ever.

It’s not fair to say it’s all Bogosian’s fault, but that replay will be to NHL highlights what Tony Romo’s interception will be for the NFL on Sunday.

Sometimes life – and a blooper reel – just isn’t fair.