Burrows’ injury doesn’t make Torts budge on shot-blocking


It didn’t take long for John Tortorella’s “everyone blocks shots” policy to claim a high-profile victim, as Alex Burrows will miss a couple weeks with a leg injury resulting from doing just that. Tortorella didn’t flinch when discussing it, as the Vancouver Province’s Jason Botchford reports.

For better or worse, Tortorella is confident in his strategies and policies, which will surely make for some press conference fireworks in his new market.

The Vancouver Canucks blocked 22 shots in a 4-1 loss to the San Jose Sharks on Thursday. Burrows and Alexander Edler’s three blocked shots tied for second that night, with only Christopher Tanev’s five topping them.

For those who are very much against star players “sacrificing their bodies” in front of slappers, at least the Sedin twins didn’t register a single blocked shot. Yet.