Online oddsmaker: Laviolette favored to be fired first


You may think it’s a little early to start betting on the first fired head coach of the NHL season (what with zero games being played so far), but at least one online bookmaker disagrees. Following are Bovada’s odds:

—- Peter Laviolette, Philadelphia Flyers (2/1)
—- Bob Hartley, Calgary Flames (5/2)
—- Kirk Muller, Carolina Hurricanes (3/1)
—- Mike Yeo, Minnesota Wild (4/1)
—- Claude Noel, Winnipeg Jets (9/2)

For what it’s worth, four of the six PHT writers picked Noel as the first canned coach of the season. The other two picked Yeo and Muller.

Regarding Laviolette, obviously there’s a lot of pressure on the coach after the Flyers missed the playoffs last year. But if you believe owner Ed Snider, neither coach nor general manager are “on the hot seat.” (You don’t believe him, do you.)

As for Hartley, he seems like a relative long shot to us, what with expectations being so low in Calgary.