In need of cap space, could Flyers be looking to make a trade?


Philadelphia Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren has made some intriguing comments about the possibility of a trade prior to the beginning of the regular season.

He didn’t shut down the possibility of a deal, but wasn’t about to tip his hand, either.

According to the numbers crunched on, the Flyers are over the 2013-14 salary cap of $64.3 million and have nine defenseman under contract – not including Hal Gill on a tryout.

Those numbers on the blue line might entice the GM to think about making a move in the coming days. The Flyers have until Monday afternoon to get down to the salary cap.

“This time of year, you always ask questions like ‘What are you looking for?’ and ‘What do you need?’ It’s just general talk,” Holmgren told

“This time of year, waivers everyday, there’s a lot of teams slipping guys down to the minors that way. It’s a critical time for every team as they try to fill out their roster.”