Video: Crosby, Pens look sharp against Red Wings


It’s foolish to read too much into any preseason result, especially if one team dresses its best players while the other team gives marquee names a rest. If nothing else, the Pittsburgh Penguins beating the Detroit Red Wings 5-1 on Wednesday drove a few points home:

  • Sidney Crosby is probably ready to go and his line with Pascal Dupuis and Chris Kunitz could remain very dangerous.
  • Pulling the Dominik Hasek darting up the ice to cut off a breakaway move is easier said than done.
  • The NHL should be very happy that the Penguins and Red Wings reside in the same conference.

Anyway, there were enough highlights from tonight’s game that it’s worth watching all of them, particularly Crosby’s pass to Kunitz and Drew Miller thwarting Marc-Andre Fleury’s Hasek impression:

More Pittsburgh-Detroit should be fun, huh?