Torts warns Canucks on Twitter: ‘There better be nothing coming out of our locker room’


If John Tortorella had his way, none of the Vancouver Canucks would be using their Twitter accounts during the season.

No, not even Roberto Luongo (aka @strombone1), one of the most famous tweeters in the NHL.

But in an interview with Sportsnet (video), the fiery head coach, who’s attempting to become a tad more progressive, said he may have to meet his players “halfway” when it comes to things like Twitter.

“I think I’ve been a little behind as far as this social media and all the stuff that goes on with that,” said Tortorella.

“I do have a Twitter account, and I use it solely for charities. It was a huge success for some of the things we did with animal welfare in New York.

“But, quite honestly, I think that Twitter and tweeting is one of the most narcissistic things I’ve ever seen, as far as people saying, ‘I’m here doing this.’”

And just so you know he’s still Torts, he added this warning for his new troops: “There better be nothing coming out of our locker room, as far as what goes on there.”

Meanwhile, in Edmonton…