Kings coach Sutter to move Toffoli back to right wing

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Los Angeles Kings rookie Tyler Toffoli had been a right wing his whole career until last season. He was used a left wing during last year’s late-season run, but now coach Darryl Sutter wants to get him back to where he started.

Sutter tells Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times he doesn’t want to mess with Toffoli’s development and will have him go back to working on the right wing.

“I don’t want to set Tyler back. That’s my thinking,” Sutter said Friday. “I’m not going to spend a lot of time. If he’s way better on the right than he is on the left, that’s the best chance. I’m really cautious about that one, because he’s never played it and he’s a good player.”

Toffoli arrived on the scene with a bang last season with two goals and three assists in 10 regular season games and another two goals and four assists in the playoffs. With the Kings losing Dustin Penner in free agency, that opens a spot in L.A.’s forward top-six, albeit on the left side.

One thing’s for sure, if he can keep producing points, they’ll find a spot for him no matter what.