Today was also Crawford’s day with the Cup


It’s plausible that Sept. 2, 2013 might go down as the best day of Corey Crawford’s life.

Sure, actually winning the Stanley Cup was probably a big deal. Still, chew on this: he enjoyed his day with the Stanley Cup while signing a whopping six year, $36 million contract on Monday.

Keeper of the Cup Philip Pritchard shared some photos of the event, including this photo of Crawford with his family, including an infant laying in the treasured trophy:


Here’s one with Crawford, the Cup and the William Jennings GAA Trophy:


Finally, here’s a shot of Crawford signing photos for fans and locals. (Too bad it wasn’t a shot of him signing that meaty extension …)


It’s likely that the 28-year-old might argue with the notion that today could be the best day of his existence. It must be in the top 10, though, right?