Jets approach first ‘normal’ season in Winnipeg


The Winnipeg Free Press pointed something interesting out on Saturday: the Winnipeg Jets finally approach a “normal” season in 2013-14.

After all, the 2011 offseason included being uprooted from Atlanta to Winnipeg while the 2012 summer was marred by the lockout. One could say that this is the first truly business-as-usual lead-up to a season since the Jets were rejuvenated.

Newly re-signed defenseman Zach Bogosian acknowledges the expectations the Jets carry into 2013-14.

“Now we have a full year where you kinda know what to expect,” Bogosian said. “We know where we’re at. We know who we signed, and how we’re gonna play. It’s just our job now to go out and accomplish our goal.”

Of course, even next season poses some interesting changes.

The Jets are part of a revamped Central Division in the Western Conference. That will likely make for tougher competition than they experienced in the discontinued Southeast Division, yet with more reasonable travel parameters, things continue to point more toward “normal.”

One cannot help but wonder if this means that the “honeymoon” is over in Winnipeg, however.